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American Buildings Company (ABC - a Nucor company)

The American Buildings Company (ABC) is a Nucor company (the largest steel manufacturer and recycler of steel in North America). There are ten Division Core Values that guide American Buildings Company in taking care of.

Some of ther features and benefits of there Building Systems:
Compared to conventional structures, custom engineered steel buildings offer many clear advantages. With value engineering that includes aesthetics, utility, timeliness, overall costs and more. You will find that building success with a custom engineered building is the right choice. Historically, the industry is often referred to as pre-engineered steel buildings. In reality, there is nothing pre-engineered about our products, as they are all designed and manufactured to custom requirements.
Quick and efficient due to standardization.
Design drawings provided by manufacturer
The weight is approximately 30% lighter due to more efficient use of steel
Simple design is lightweight and easy to construct
Designed to fit the system with standardized, interchangeable parts, including flashing and trim
Can be delivered as quickly as eight weeks or longer
Easy, fast and step-by-step building
The architecture has outstanding detail can be achieved at a resonable cost using conventional wall and fascia
Price per square foot can be considerably lower
Highly flexible; changes and revisions can be made easily
Future expansion is simple and cost efficient
Components specified and designed to work together as a system
Experience with similar buildings and field conditions worldwide have resulted in design improvements, and thus more dependable predictions of preformance.


Phone: 877.859.4313
Fax: 334-688-2261

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