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BIM solutions for the building industry

BIM is the solution to all construction companies. Not only in the future, but it starts today. 

Many building and construction companies already use it. So do not wait too long to try it out, so you do not miss the BIM-boat.

All construction companies should realize that BIM solutions and software makes the building-process more efficient. Any software that supports this standard can be mutually linked. BIM can hold calculations, drawings and much more. Outside firms can easily share drawings and calculations by linking these to each other. A BIM can cary a clash control after the final plans are drawn. 

It can be drawn in 3D and automatic generate 2D plans. Also costing becomes a breeze. BIM's work with one main file where infinite edge-files or edge-software can be linked at. 

A number of programs that work with BIM: 
AutoDesk Revit 
SCIA Engineer 

Of course BIM knowledge is acquired to work with it. An investment in knowledge that will surely muster.

You can start small, one project, for example and then slowly expand.

More about BIM:
IFC files as a BIM solution

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